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WNUR show Connect the Dots”:

* chart/score available

Improvisation: Golombisky - acoustic bass, Caroline Davis - alto sax,
   Simon Lott - drums, Oct. 5, 2008
Improvisation: Golombisky - likable noise, Caroline Davis - alto sax, Helen Gillet -
   cello, Sept. 14, 2008
May 4, 2008 includes Zing!, The Hall Monitors, The Other Planets, Lucky 7s, more...
April 13, 2008 includes Telefon Tel Aviv, Silences Sumire, Information Superhighway...








Bass Interlude Red Shift Red Shift; acoustic bass/improvisation
And why not? (excerpt) Pedway Subventure; acoustic bass/improvisation
After Sleeping and Forgetting.* (excerpt) Tomorrow Music Orchestra
   Live @ Ice Factory; Golombisky - acoustic bass/composer
Social Democratic Metal Workers Union* Zing! Magnetic Flux; electric bass
For Jaki (excerpt) Lucky 7s Pluto Junkyard; acoustic bass
Scatter/Sleep improvised by Pedway Passion Ball; electric bass
A Long Time Without A Name* Red Shift Red Shift; acoustic bass/composer
Mom's Block Party (improv) Tomorrow Music Orchestra neon jesus garage;
   James Davis - trumpet, Golombisky - melodica/acoustic bass/processing
Part Five Chris Beyt Cheeseburgers and Beer; acoustic bass

Tomorrow Music Orchestra @ Jerry’s, Chicago, July 11, 2010 w/ Thad Franklin, Pablo Chin, Caroline Davis,
  Natalie Szabo, Mike Salter, Bill MacKay, Doug Johnson, Shani Schechter.
    Thirds*, Shape*, Clear & Far*, Whispers* (‘Whispers’ written by Bill MacKay, arr. by m.Golombisky)
Lucky 7s @ Hungry Brain, Chicago July 22, 2007 (more)
Zing! @ Alley Catz, New Orleans April 30, 2008 (set 1) (set 2)
Tomorrow Music Orchestra @ Beat Kitchen, Chicago; Golombisky - electric bass/conductor/composer
     Both Elements of Trickery* featuring Sam Macy - guitar & James Davis - trumpet
     Raga Fist* featuring Golombisky - electric bass
Improvisation: GKduo, Recorded live to laptop mic, May 11 ’07 @ Dust Warehouse, Charlottesville, WV
There must be new plans now.*: Tomorrow Music Orchestra w/ Caroline Davis - alto sax, James Davis -
   trumpet, Sam Macy - guitar, Mike Salter - bass clarinet, Rob Clearfield - accordion, Thad Franklin -
   flugelhorn, Charles Gorczynski - soprano sax, Golombisky - acoustic bass/composer; Recorded @ Reggie’s,
   Chicago, Feb. 18 ’08
Tomorrow Music Orchestra w/ Jennifer Swanson - flute, Pablo Chin - clarinet, Caroline Davis - alto sax, Matt
   Oliphant & Robin Clevenger - French horn, Thad Franklin - flugelhorn, Sarah Rose - viola, Douglas Johnson -
   contrabass, Rob Clearfield - accordion/piano; Recorded @ Strobe Sessions by Jamie Wagner, March 20 ’08
     Both Elements of Trickery* featuring Rob Clearfield & Thad Franklin
     Her ears and that's enough.*
Jack&Jezebel - improvised solo set, Jan 29 ’14 @ Frank’s Bar - electric bass, keyboard, likable noise

Tomorrow Music Orchestra Sept. 7, 2008*
Jason Steele Ensemble March 29, 2008
Tomorrow Music Orchestra March 1, 2008*
backGammon Dec. 15, 2007
Darts’n’Arrows Dec. 15, 2007*
Tomorrow Music Orchestra Aug. 25, 2007*
The Other Planets Dec. 16, 2006
Tomorrow Music Orchestra/The Other Planets Dec. 9, 2006
Tomorrow Music Orchestra May 13, 2006*

Improvisation: Brian Coogan - melodica/keys, Tim Sullivan - reeds, Jeff Albert - trombone, Quin Kirchner -
   drums, Golombisky - electric bass/likable noise, Recorded Feb. 4 2007 @ Audiophile Studio/New Orleans
Improvisation: “Diesel” Dan Oestreicher - bari/bass sax, Quin Kirchner - drums, Golombisky - acoustic bass
   Recorded 2006 @ The Singleton Manner
Improvisation: Hanna Mathey - viola, Golombisky - live processing/likable noise; Recorded June ’06 (more)