.:Matthew Golombisky:.


Matthew Golombisky is/was an active bassist, composer, ears&eyes Records director/founder, conductor (Tomorrow Music Orchestra, IfCM, Creer Es Crear), educator (Creer Es Crear, SSiiDS, IfCM, Hilldale School, SPACE), improviser, curriculum developer (SPACE, Mynah Music, IfCM, Creer Es Crear), arranger, orchestrator, sound designer, stage manager/production (Pitchfork Music Festival, Hideout Block Party, The Swell Season, Peter, Bjørn & John), radio DJ/producer (WNUR 89.3FM), organizer/presenter (Blank Tape Series, ears&eyes Festival), ideator (Clorox), and musical theatre writer & director (Bizzo!).

Matthew has lived and been active in music, festival, and film scenes in the Bay Area CA, Chicago, New Orleans, Buenos Aires, New York state, and Asheville NC, as well as toured the USA and Europe with bands such as IfCM, NOMO, Zing!, Jhelisa, GKduo, WATIV, QMRplus, more. He also directs the independent record label ears&eyes Records, which represents bands such as Beveled, Caroline Davis Quartet, Quintopus, Silences Sumire, Maurice, Zing!, Pedway, James Davis Quintet, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Algernon, among others and curated an annual music/arts/film festival under the same name.

His undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville led to a B.A. in Jazz Studies/Bass Performance with an emphasis on 20th Century Classical music & theory and graduate studies to a M.M. in Composition from the University of New Orleans after a brief stint at Northwestern University after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in August 2005.

He has taught performance, improvisation, composition, theory,  recording techniques, and music marketing to children and adults for more than 15 years in schools and colleges across the nation.  He joined the IfCM Collective to travel the USA, teaching clinics to high school and college students his methods of composing, improvising and conducting. In 2013, he teamed up with like-minded musicians/educators John Nash, Patrick Liddell and Elisabeth Johnson and founded a not-your-typical-music-school school in Oakland CA to promote experiencing/learning music as a whole art form, as something relevant and exciting, called Mynah Music. Most recently, he became the Music Director and conductor of a youth orchestra in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a government funded program inspired by Venezuela's El Sistema.

Matthew’s discography includes over 45 recordings featuring his performance, compositions, conducting, film scores, and/or production.

He continues to dedicate much energy to presenting wonderful, original and creative music through several groups including his 30 piece jazz/classical/rock ensemble, Tomorrow Music Orchestra. He also frequently performs with electric jazz-rock quintet, Zing!, acoustic free improv trio, Pedway, drums and bass rock out, punk jazz duo, GKduo with long time collaborator, Quin Kirchner, and jazz septet led by trombonists Jeb Bishop and Jeff Albert, Lucky 7s. In 2011, he teamed up with Chris Teal and his non-profit IfCM in Rochester NY and launched an education, audience, and community based version of Tomorrow Music Orchestra.

Contact: matthewgolombisky (at) gmail (dot) com

Bassist& Composer& Educator...

Tomorrow Music Orchestra, ears&eyes Fest ’07 (right: Katie Wiegman)

                                 :Recent News::

Sept. ’14 - awarded a position within Argentina’s publicly funded program of youth orchestras as music director and conductor;
Orquesta Creer Es Crear.
June. ’14 - excited for the release of my Tomorrow Music Orchestra’s work with singer/songwriter, Via Tania.

Feb. ’14 - developing a new form of creativity
through collaboration, SSiiDS.org
Sept. ’13 - composes for 6 teaching, recording & performing projects coming up in NY, Chicago & Montana!
June ’13 - puts together “story-telling” group, “Cuentos”; record release early 2014
March ’13 - embarks on starting a private music school in Oakland, Mynah Music.
Jan. ’13 - writes/composes/directs an original musical, Bizzo! Premieres May 10th ’13!
Fall ’12 - touring the west, teaching TMO-style composition/conducting/improvisation techniques through the IfCM Collective.
Spring ’12 - teaming up with non-profit IfCM to ignite a new form of TMO through education and community workshops.
Feb. ’11 - check out two releases on ears&eyes DIGITAL: Zing! & Pedway
January ’11 - working on a concerto for bassist Larry Grenadier.
Fall ’10 - orchestrating music for an upcoming Via Tania record.
July ’10 - lots and lots of brand new music for Tomorrow Music Orchestra. calm. relax.
Jan-March ’10 - It’s been exciting writing
  “small pieces” for string quartet.  Here’s one.

His composition style is wide ranging, steeped in modern classical, experimental, thoughtful, electronic, sound design, jazz, rock and pop genres, but never limits himself to anything and absorbs all music experienced. He creates moods and aural images that captivate, intrigue, invigorate, confuse and/or excite his listening (and non-listening) audience. 

P.S. Among loving all of the above, he also loves to drink slow drip, iced coffee with soy milk from PJ’s, but they’re only in New Orleans. In addition, he loves: loving, life, friends & family (especially his amazing wife!), teaching, alive/live happenings, people, traveling, painting, learning, experiencing, creating, listening, pets, reading, looking, smiling, designing & redesigning, capturing (photos included), sleeping, running, biking, skiing (snow & water), cooking, eating, breathing, laughing, making others laugh, seeing, and being.